Jessica K (NCF ID#19960701)

At age 22, Jessica has always lived in Regina. She likes its size and the ease of getting anywhere in under 15 minutes. When she found out she was pregnant at age 17, she was scared and shocked. She never doubted keeping her baby, and three years later, she had her second child. Seeking to grow in her abilities to provide a safe home, she recently enrolled in an employment-readiness program. This program has increased her confidence and helped her develop a good work ethic. She enjoyed a job placement at a local bake shop. She is hopeful for the future. When Jessica talks about her children, she marvels at how unique they are and mentions how much they love playing outside in the snow. When she speaks of her life, she can’t help but stress about how hard it is financially. She struggles with budgeting and finding a safe neighbourhood to live in. Recently, her house was broken into, and their television was stolen. She knows she needs to find a better-paying job; raising two small children on minimum wage is just too hard. Entering a welding program is one of her hopes for the future. Jessica longs to find better, affordable, clean, and safe housing. Jessica also wishes that her kids will have a happy and joyful Christmas.

Her gift requests are fairly simple, including the chance to buy herself and her kids something at a couple shops.

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