How You’ve Helped

Since 2008, the amazing citizens of Regina have made some special things happen through Regina Christmas Wish List:

  • STORIES: Community and compassion have been nurtured through over 2200 stories that have been heard, written, and shared.
  • GIFTS: Nearly 5500 personalized gifts have been lovingly shared between total, but local, strangers.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Wonderful local organizations have had support and visibility increased through positive partnerships.

Last year (2019) alone saw nearly 200 stories shared and over 400 personalized gifts given! And now we’re back to do some more!

Local volunteers, caring citizens, and helpful media members have all been invaluable in this project. It wouldn’t happen without YOU.┬áTogether, bridges have been built, needs have been met, and mindsets have been shifted.

We’re grateful that YOU are here to show Regina how Christmas is done best!