The YWCA provides extensive programming. Two items worth highlighting here are:


The YWCA exists to support and empower women, children, and youth in addressing their diverse needs in the realization of their full potential which benefits all.

The YWCA is a multi-service agency. We have 4 daycares with one being in Lumsden, a fitness centre, an emergency receiving home, two long term therapeutic foster homes, a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter, a long term women’s residence, and an outreach team.



The Outreach Team focuses to work with women, trans persons, non-binary persons, and families including two head households and single father households. The team aims to support individuals in the community to move away from homelessness and create a community of support around them. Further, outreach will connect with those not interested, needing, able, or ready for long term support with brief support services.


You can learn more about the YWCA by visiting their website HERE.