Single Parents

Linus H. (ID# NCFC0180) 

As head of a family of four, Linus’ hope is to: “Be ahead of everything, [with] no debt.” That’s a tall order for any family! Money worries, having enough and proper winter clothes, and keeping the pantry full are other concerns Linus carries into Christmas. Asked to share something special about each of his children, he says his 12-year-old daughter Mya is “helpful.” Son Drake is 10-years-old and … [Read more...] about Linus H. (ID# NCFC0180) 

Angelica T. (ID# NCFC0997) 

For Angelica, family is ‘her thing'. She says of her three children: “They are kind, loving kids. They’re unique in their own little ways. They make me very happy and loved.” As to what she most loves about living in Regina: “I enjoy being around all my family,” she says. At the time of her Regina Christmas Wish List interview, she was looking for a new space to call home for herself and children … [Read more...] about Angelica T. (ID# NCFC0997) 

Danica B. (ID #NCFC0880) 

Realizing school is a way forward and a buffer against poverty, Danica says she ”want[s] to go back to school so we can afford more.” She and her family are finding buying food and just “getting around” a challenge as Danica doesn’t drive and as “bus passes are expensive.” … [Read more...] about Danica B. (ID #NCFC0880) 

Joyclyne S. (ID #NCFC2648)

Joyclyne enjoys Regina because of the level of community help available and says that her three daughters are “creative.” As with many, she is finding getting food challenging in a time when grocery costs keep rising. Various gift cards have been named as gift ideas; every one would make some facet of daily life easier. … [Read more...] about Joyclyne S. (ID #NCFC2648)

Erica A. (ID# NCFC1102) 

"My little boy is so smart and strong,” says Erica of her 7-month-old son Jerricai. “He is already crawling and almost walking. His laugh is so joyful, you can’t help but smile when you hear it.” This mom is living with her son at her sister’s place. “I stay with my sister with the baby,” she says. “It’s hard to afford everything we need.” Her hopes are to get a place of her own and go back to … [Read more...] about Erica A. (ID# NCFC1102) 

Starlene R. (ID# NCFC0291)

This mother of four is working full-time, “With no other financial supports.” Starlene has lived in Regina for 23 years. She proudly shares about her kids. “My oldest, Payton, is 11-years-old with Autism. He loves drawing and teaches us all unconditional love.” Daughter Avayah-Mae is “…our Mother Hen. Always wanting to help.” Wihopa is a six-year-old girl, whom Starlene says is: “Always … [Read more...] about Starlene R. (ID# NCFC0291)

Jessica K. (ID# NCFC0796) 

What does Jessica like about living in Regina? The museum, walks around Wascana Park and the movie theatre. We’re not sure if she has a favourite theatre, but who doesn’t love a good movie? Her three children and their care are her main focus. She says she is “needing more supports” and one of her current challenges is “needing furniture.” Her hopes include going back to school and finding … [Read more...] about Jessica K. (ID# NCFC0796) 

Autumn W. (YWCA0997)

Autumn grew up in various places around Saskatchewan before settling in Regina five years ago to be closer to her family and receive better support. She is a loving mother to her two babies, her tough tomboy Isabella (9) and her girly princess Gabriella (3), who love and protect each other. Autumn faces challenges with her mental health, which has made it difficult for her to secure a steady job … [Read more...] about Autumn W. (YWCA0997)

Brennan C. (ID# GNC0172)

Brennan is a single dad of two girls. He came to Regina with his family in 1990 from Winnipeg. Being a single parent is never easy and Brennan is doing the best he can for Angela (5) and Shaylyn (18), but they are lacking some basic things like clothing. He is concentrating on growing his faith and being closer to God and feels thankful for his kids that he is proud of. Angela is his artistic … [Read more...] about Brennan C. (ID# GNC0172)