Leah M. (ID #NCFC0187)

“Making a safe living place for my children,” is the simple hope Leah shares this year. This 26-year-old has lived in Regina her whole life. Work and finishing work consumes her thoughts. Her asks are simple items that would make life easier for a bit. … [Read more...] about Leah M. (ID #NCFC0187)

Lucina Jo S. (ID# NCFC1288) 

She was born right around Christmas 34 years-ago. As this is written, she’ll be nearing her milestone 35th birthday. “I grew up on the rez. Pow-Wow sober [with] family,” Lucina Jo says. She keeps looking for/attending programs that promote her hope to “become a better person.” Her interests and hobbies include working with kids and helping elders. “[I am] willing to learn but [the] most work [I do … [Read more...] about Lucina Jo S. (ID# NCFC1288) 

Megan D.P. (ID# GNC0696)

Regina is Megan's hometown and her favourite part of growing up here was going to school. As a single mom of six kids, it is a real challenge to secure enough food for her family and with the current economic environment worrying about money keeps her up a night. Megan's goals for the future are to find a bigger house for her family and support each of her children in order for them to be able to … [Read more...] about Megan D.P. (ID# GNC0696)

Doris A. (ID# GNC1077)

Growing up with domestic abuse in her family, Doris came to Regina when she was 14 years old and really enjoys the change of seasons and especially the snow! She has two children, one 16 years old and one 22 years old but does not have the good fortune to have them here with her. Her youngest is in foster care in Alberta and her oldest is serving out his sentence for a crime he was found guilty … [Read more...] about Doris A. (ID# GNC1077)

Donna B. (ID# GNC0152)

Having lived in Regina for the last 25 years, Donna was born (in 1952) and spent a good deal of her life in Foam Lake. She is a very active lady and loves to help people by volunteering, cooking and baking. She gets out and walks every day as it makes her feel good and is good for her health and she notes that she wants to be here for her children and grandchildren. Now that winter has arrived she … [Read more...] about Donna B. (ID# GNC0152)

Carol M.W. (ID# GNC0365)

Carol loves crafts and over the years has learned to make snow globes, wreaths, and beaded jewelry. She spends her free time visiting with family and friends, walking and watching movies. Growing up in Carnduff, she moved to Regina about ten years ago to move away from her ex and start a new chapter of her life. It is clear that the move has been good for her and even though she does need a cane … [Read more...] about Carol M.W. (ID# GNC0365)

Maxine B. (ID# GNC1170)

Moving to Regina from Surrey BC in 1992, Maxine is a very social and outgoing person. She loves to walk and engage people in conversation, clearly an extrovert and lover of people! She has a number of health challenges which makes life a bit more difficult; vertigo, arthritis and fatigue are her main concerns. She loves life and dreams of feeling well which would then allow her to do more … [Read more...] about Maxine B. (ID# GNC1170)

Kevin R (ID# PH0372)

Kevin is 51 years old and has lived all his life in Regina. Kevin has been a part of Phoenix HOMES program for just over 2 years now. Kevin likes many things but enjoys walking, dancing and spending time on the computer. Kevin is friendly to whoever he meets and always tries to help others when in need. Kevin loves to socialize with friends over coffee in our office. … [Read more...] about Kevin R (ID# PH0372)

Ivan E (ID# PH0166)

Ivan is a 57-year-old man who grew up in Saskatoon. Ivan has been part of the Phoenix HOMES program for 8 years and has been housed ever since. Ivan likes to watch TV and go outside for walks. Ivan is a talented drawer and likes playing floor hockey when he can. Ivan is happy and has a positive attitude each and every day. He brings joy and laughter wherever he goes. … [Read more...] about Ivan E (ID# PH0166)